10 Fears that Keep Investors from Making Offers

Contrary to popular belief, investing in real estate, like fulfilling presidential election promises, isn’t built on hope and dreams. It’s built on action. And for investing, the specific action that is required before ANYTHING

PowerPoint Skills are not Presentation Skills

Proficiency with a software program doesn’t make you good at what that software program is designed to do. Your ability to enter information into TurboTax does not imply that you know what information to

Never Give Up

There are times when it feels like the entire world is conspiring against you. If you are battled from all angles for long enough, you may begin to even doubt those closest to you,

15 Rentals is Better than $1 Million Cash

It baffles me to see everyone lighting up the internet talking about flipping houses, wholesaling, and other quick money transactions. Don’t get me wrong, there is a ton of potential in contract assignments, wholesaling,

What is your peak listing season?

Real estate is all about location, location, location. At least one of those locations has to do with what state you’re in and what the peak house shopping season is for your area. Everyone

Non-Profit Discrimination: Working a Non Profit is the Most Expensive Thing You Can Do…

For decades, the entire non-profit sector has been discriminated against by the legal system and society as a whole. How could anyone expect non-profits to produce more than they have if they are hamstrung

Tough Mudder Goal Setting

I just got back from a meeting in San Jose, CA and after a long flight and a challenging series of appointments, it was great to focus on something completely non-business. For those that

Should Real Estate Be in Your Portfolio?

There are three types of real estate investors who I deal with on a regular basis. Like any other list, each “segment” of the list has its similarities and differences. Real Estate Investor 1:

Is a Business Coach Right for You?

Mentor, coach, life coach, marketing consultant, mastermind group… there are all sorts of new monikers out there describing a new phenomenon in the business world – the business coach. Call them what you will,

Live Seminar vs Digital Seminars for Learning & Conversion

I’ve directed over 100 financial education seminars in the past 10 years. Companies spend hundreds of millions each year sending their employees to specific training seminars, continuing education seminars, and individuals spend hundreds millions